Black Mesa's Xen levels will enter public beta next month



It looks like Half-Life remake Black Mesa truly is approaching its final release. After giving fans a taste of a technical beta for the “Xen” chapter of the game, developer Crowbar Collective has announced that a public beta for the finale of its title will be happening on August 1, 2019. Only the first two chapters will be available, but the others will be made available a few weeks later.

Realistically, this is the final step before a proper launch. Once Crowbar Collective is able to defeat bugs that users report, it should be smooth sailing for an official launch. I can’t believe I’m actually typing this, but Black Mesa is likely going to release in 2019. At least something Half-Life related will be coming out in the near future.

If you still haven’t picked up Black Mesa, the Steam Summer Sale currently has the game at 60% off. For a cool $7.99, you can get in on a really good reimagining of Gordon Freeman’s inaugural adventure and see what all the fuss is with Valve’s once legendary series. Now if only we could get this team working on Half-Life 3, maybe we can finally get the conclusion we’ve been waiting nearly two decades for.

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