Black Ops 4 is getting a week-long free trial of the Blackout battle royale mode


Strive to survive

Anyone who couldn’t quite pull the trigger onCall of Duty: Black Ops 4is getting a golden opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. The game’s most notable mode, the Blackout battle royale, is the subject of an upcoming free trial.

Activision is throwing a week-long Blackout trial from January 17 through January 24. It’s available on all platforms — PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This comes a little more than three months after Black Ops 4originally released.

Of course, this isn’t the full Black Ops 4experience. It’s without the Zombies mode and the standard Call of Dutymultiplayer. It does, however, showcase the most novel addition to Call of Dutyin a number of years. Even if it’s just chasing a trend, it does so in an undeniably enjoyable way.

Bring your friends — the Blackout Free Trial is coming.

Play #BlackOps4’s Blackout Battle Royale for free from January 17th to the 24th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) January 15, 2019