Black Panther first film since Avatar to remain #1 for five weeks


Wakanda forever is getting real literal

So all through January and February we were all stunned at how long Jumanjiwas sitting pretty at number one and then number two, and then Black Pantherwalked up next to us smirked and said, “Hold my beer.” Five weeks straight at number one, and it’s not like the movie hasn’t had some competition. Jumanjipulled off its roll by having almost no competition, while Black Pantherhas now gone up againstA Wrinkle in Timeand Tomb Raider, the latter of which should have easily grabbed a number one slot from a five week old movie.

My initial question for this post was going to be about if you liked Tomb Raideror not, but I’m not certain all that many people saw it.Tomb Raider’sopening wasn’t all that great for a movie that reportedly cost upward of $100 million. The movie opened at $23.5 million, about 51 percent off what Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raiderdid, and that was in 2001. Overseas was a lot friendlier to the franchise, and it’s not in danger of not making its costs back, but one has to assume that WB and MGM were hoping for a bit more cash domestically off of the name alone.

1.Black Panther–$27,024,0002. Tomb Raider$23,525,0003. I Can Only Imagine–$17,064,6404. A Wrinkle in Time–$16,565,0005. Love, Simon–$11,500,0006. Game Night–$5,570,0007. Peter Rabbit–$5,200,0008. Strangers: Prey at Night–$4,810,0009.Red Sparrow–$4,450,00010.Death Wish–$3,368,000