Blair Witch 'Insanity' trailer hopes to drive you out of your mind


‘I didn’t get the ending though…’

It seems like forever and a day that the media hype train exploded for 1999 horror film The Blair Witch Project, the low-budget horror flick that told a grim tale of three kids and a really bad plan to go ghost hunting. It was a rip-roaring success, of course, leading to that amazingly awful Book of Shadows sequel. Remember that, kids?

Developer Bloober Team is hoping to recreate the tense, fearful atmosphere that swallowed up Heather and her chums in their upcoming video game Blair Witch, which was first announced back at E3 in June. The team has pushed out a new trailer, titled “Insanity”, which features troubled protagonist Ellis – and a faithful canine companion – as they trudge deep into the notorious Black Hills Forest, in search of what, I wonder?

The trailer appears fairly light on action, so perhaps Blair Witch will be a more subdued, exploratory affair, which is better fitting for the licence than having Ellis take a shotgun to a host of demon spawn. We got DOOM for that, after all. Hopefully, Blair Witch will provide fans with frightening, otherworldly experience when it finally comes crawling out of the woods, just in time for Halloween.

Blair Witch launches on PC and Xbox One October 30.