BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle adds Persona 4's Yukiko, BlazBlue's Azrael, and UNIEL's Gordeau


Yukiko is best Persona 4 girl, come at me

Another crazy fighting game crossover coming next year is BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and while I should dislike reusing sprites, I love the idea of Yukiko the cardboard queen (yet still my favorite) throwing fans at big musclebound men.

This latest trailer confirms Yukiko from Persona 4 Arena, Azrael from BlazBlue, and Gordeau’s unfortunately long reach from Under Night In-Birth. We’re still waiting on the next RWBY character announcement, but I’m sure we’ll see more on that sooner rather than later.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battlereleases for PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch sometime next year.