BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Centralfiction to receive rollback netcode


Beta starting right meow

Some great news for the dedicated BlazBlue community this weekend, as Arc System Works announced that the much-vaunted rollback netcode technology will be retroactively applied to two of the series most popular releases: 2015’s BlazBlue Centralfiction and 2018’s BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle… although the news comes with some caveats.

BlazBlue Centralfiction, the most recent entry in the lore-heavy anime fighting game series, is expected to receive the online overhaul in February 2022. For now, however, this update will only apply to the PC/Steam edition of the game. No plans were announced as to whether rollback would be applied to the PlayStation or Nintendo Switch editions of BlazBlue Centralfiction. Test servers for the PC platform will launch today, so Centralfiction fans can get an early taste test of the new netcode via a beta build.

In regards to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, the rollback update will be applied at some point in 2022 on the PlayStation and PC editions of the crossover fighter. Once again, however, the Nintendo Switch edition will not be receiving the update. We can probably expect test servers to be opened close to the update’s launch. It’s most certainly positive news to see rollback being applied to these titles, but it’s a little bittersweet to see that not all platforms will be getting in on the action.

If you fancy hopping on board the BlazBlue bandwagon, then a limited-time sale has just kicked off on Steam, with discounted prices on BlazBlue Centralfiction, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and a variety of DLC updates. These two titles join an ever-growing list of “older” games that are receiving brand new online upgrades, which also include classic releases in Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear and SNK’s King of Fighters franchises.

You all asked for it and here it is!We are proud to announce Rollback Netcode for #BlazBlueCentralfiction and #BlazBlueCrossTagBattle ! #CEO2021

— ArcSystemWorks ➡️ #GuiltyGearStrive available now! (@ArcSystemWorksU) December 6, 2021