BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle releases trailers for Persona's Elizabeth and Tohru Adachi


Best Dancing Girl

Arc System Works has dropped its latest character trailer for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s Version 2.0 update, which is coming later this month to the crossover anime fighter.

The irrepressible Elizabeth is the assistant of the mysterious Velvet Room in Atlus’ RPG Persona 3. Typified by her happy-go-lucky, somewhat naive, and regularly goofy personality, Elizabeth is, in reality, a tireless worker and dedicated to the room and its master, Igor. Elizabeth originally took to the ring in Persona 4 Arena, where she fought with an adaptive style based on the moveset of multiple other characters.

Tohru Adachi was introduced as a non-playable character in Persona 4. A young detective who is hopelessly out of his depth in solving the string of murders that form the backbone of the narrative, Adachi repeatedly spills the beans on the case to the Persona 4 protagonist party (the Investigation Team). Adachi was originally a DLC character in Persona 4 Arena.

Both Elizabeth and Adachi arrive in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as part of the game’s Version 2.0 upgrade, a $25 expansion pad that adds a total of nine fighters to the roster. A free-for-all update will overall the BlazBlue: CTB UI, while adding extra scenarios and applying a huge list of balance tweaks and bug fixes to the game. The update will go live November 21.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is available now on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.