Blazing Chrome gives us our Contra fix next month


Rogue Corps

Blazing Chrome, the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Contra” from indie developer JoyMasher, will be launching on July 11, 2019. Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, the game is a recreation of classic 16-bit run-n-gunners with a dark visual style and some seriously grungy tunes. Packing two-player co-op support, unlockable characters, and a whole heap of larger than life bosses, this could be the answer to the lack of Contra in our lives.

The jury may still be out on whether Konami’s latest effort with Contra, Contra Rogue Corps, is any good or not, but at least we have something more akin to the classics to look forward to. I did play a tiny bit of this at PAX East 2018 and I found it to be enjoyable. It looks to have come quite a ways from that earlier build, so I’m hopeful this will placate my desire for a new entry in Konami’s once proud series.