Bleeding Steel trailer has Jackie Chan fighting the Nemesis


He also gets to wear sunglasses while walking away from an explosion

Jackie Chan has greyed. He’s gotten older, and because of that, he’s dipped from the limelight. Holder of the Guinness World Record for most stunts performed by a living actor, he’s more than earned his rest. But, in this time where geriatric has become the new handsome for action heroes, Jackie’s been moving back into movies, and the latest he’ll tackle is a sci-fi flick called Bleeding Steel.

There’s a lot more shooting and drama in the trailer than I expected. I was hoping to see him punch some robots in the face or something, but it’s dry on physical combat. This could be a lack of ability on Chan’s part, which would be understandable, or the goods could be hiding in the film proper. It’s rated R for what that’s worth, so there’s bound to be some real action somewhere.

Also, someone says Spider-Man in the last seconds so that you know the movie is hip to the youth.

I’m into Bleeding Steel’s look more than anything. The neon lights and very fashionable future gear has a charm that goes a long way for me, and the monstrous bad guy, looking like something that escaped from an Umbrella laboratory, has an intimidating design. Here’s hoping he and Jackie will have some sort of fist fight in the third act.

The synopsis has Jackie playing Lin, a police officer who has to protect a young girl with a super-charged heart. The monster wants the heart so that he can raise an army or something, I think. It looks fun.

Lionsgate will be releasing the film in theaters and on demand on July 6, 2018.

Bleeding Steel Trailer [YouTube]