Blendo Games partners with Annapurna for its immersive space FPS Skin Deep


Die Hard among the stars

Blendo Games has been steadily working on its next project, Skin Deep, for the last few years. But today, the developer has locked in a partner for its immersive FPS.

Today, Blendo Games announced that it’s partnering with Annapurna Interactive for Skin Deep. In a new trailer, they run down the general concept of Skin Deep: you are insurance.

Rather than an agent addressing damage after it’s happened though, you’re the insurance companies stow away with their precious cargo; and when space pirates board the ship and trip the alarm, you take care of the problem.

SKIN DEEP: a @BlendoGames x Annapurna Interactive partnership. Wishlist now on Steam:

— Annapurna Interactive (@A_i) April 20, 2021

Skin Deep has been in development since 2018, but hopefully this partnership and trailer means a launch is on the horizon. The combination of stealth and action with holding in sneezes and Die Hard-reminiscent glass-in-foot injuries looks pretty sweet, and Blendo has made some great games over the years. (Some were even made open source last year!)

Skin Deep is currently set for PC at an unspecified date. You can find it on Steam for wishlisting purposes here.