Blendo's sneaky shooter Skin Deep draws from Die Hard and Far Cry 2


Fend off space pirates without wearing shoes

Good-game maker Blendo Games is making what looks to be another good game.

Placing you inside a spaceship full of dusty ventilation systems that cause sneezing and broken glass that tends to get caught in bare feet, Skin Deep pulls elements from Die Hard and Far Cry 2. If you’ve ever wanted a game that lets you shoot out walls to jettison enemies into space, look no further.

There’s just enough of a setup to get me invested while still letting me fill in some blanks:

“When insurance companies want to keep valuables safe, they hire you to stow away inside their cargo starships. A walking, talking insurance policy kept in deep freeze. And when space pirates hijack the starship and trip the silent alarm, you unthaw, take a deep breath, and handle the situation.”

Skin Deep should be a fun follow-up to Quadrilateral Cowboy, Thirty Flights of Loving, Gravity Bone, and everything else in Blendo’s idiosyncratic wheelhouse. No word on a release date just yet.