Blizzard drops support for 32-bit and DX9 with Heroes of the Storm


So long Windows XP

Blizzard has announced that Heroes of the Storm will be dropping support for Direct X 9 and 32-bit operating systems. Somewhere out there, a single person is weeping from their circa-2008 PC. If you remember from last year, Blizzard had ended support for Windows XP and Vista, so this was only the next logical conclusion.

If you’re wondering why anyone would even be running a 32-bit OS, do know that Windows 10 actually does have a version for older CPUs. The reason is that Microsoft wants everyone on its newer OS regardless of hardware and Windows 7 released during a period where 64-bit CPUs weren’t at a majority adoption rate. Since you can upgrade your copy of 7 to 10, Microsoft had to produce a version that was compatible with 32-bit architecture. If you’re living in 2018, though, you really should be on some kind of modern hardware.

If you happen to fall into the category outlined above, know that you’ll no longer be able to play Heroes of the Storm on your system. Theoretically, this could mean good things for the game going forward. 32-bit OSes have memory limitations that will be completely removed by going 64-bit. That could mean larger scale battles or much larger battlefields. That is more wishful thinking than anything concrete, but it’s nice to see another game shed its limitations.

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