Bloggers Wanted: Better with age


What a thrill…

Each time a new Metal Gear Solid draws closer to release, I find myself replaying the games that came before it. Some of this is done to refresh my memory on the story (which there is a lot of), but I also like getting to experience the progression of the series again. I like to see how the gameplay evolved and how my approach to playing each game has changed. I also seem to appreciate the stories a bit more as I’ve grown older.

Metal Gear Solid 3 and Peace Walker are my favorites. Even without the promise of a sequel, I’ll come back to these two and start over to see what I remember, where I can improve, and what secrets I still haven’t uncovered. Most recently, those secrets were unlocking Dr. Strangelove’s extra tapes or creating a time paradox with Major Ocelot.

As I’ve revisited these titles, the gameplay and characters like The Boss only seem to resonate more and more with me. These are games that just seem to get better with age.

For this month’s Blogger’s Wanted, we’d like to know what games you enjoy revisiting or feel have only gotten better the more you play them. This topic doesn’t necessarily have to apply to older games, as games likeMonster Hunter 4 Ultimateor Spelunkymay feel more rewarding and nuanced the more you invest in them. Or maybe there’s a game likeFinal Fantasy VIIIthat was hard to appreciate once upon a time, but might have become your favorite in the series later on. There are many possibilities to choose from here.

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