Bloggers Wanted: Papers, Please


’90s kids remember paper

Did you hear the news? Destructoid is making a digital magazine with GameFan. I’ve never owned a digital magazine before. But I also didn’t own a tablet device or smartphone until three years ago, so it’s prime time I gave it a whirl. Sliding my finger across a touch pad is certainly one sensation to experience but do you know another sensation I miss asides from electroshock therapy? Turning actual paper pages.

This month, to coincide with the announcement of a new digital magazine, we want to look back on all our favorite print media. My story actually started as a six-year-old kid with a subscription to GamePro. My parents probably thought I was reading something academically challenging when in reality it was Dan Electro or D-Pad Destroyer talking about Street Fighter with plenty of screenshots of Chun-Li. But we’re not just talking about magazines, either. Did you ever walk into a book store in order to skim a few pages of the strategy guides they had there so you could prepare yourself for the challenges ahead? I sure did. And can you think of something we miss more than print magazines? Instruction booklets. In fact, I still have my instruction booklets from my Game Boy Advance days. Those things can get surprisingly chunky but nowadays you’re lucky to get a slip of paper that lists health disclaimers.

All through May, juststart a community blogand talk about whatever you want with old-fashioned print. Then title it “Papers, Please: [your blog title here]” and tell us about your memorable times with analog media, before it became digital and strained your eyes. As always, tag your blog with the Bloggers Wanted tag so Occams and I can easily notice it and if it’s good, you may see your blog on the front page! Just think, a blog on the Internet, talking about print media. What a time to be alive.