Bloodborne is offline for 'emergency maintenance'


Well, shit!

Yesterday, I logged into Bloodborne for another evening of futile attempts to beat the optional boss in The Old Hunters. It’s a maddening exercise in patience. One slip-up, and you’re out. Plenty of people are struggling with the DLC’s first boss, too. (And the last! And those bastard sharks* guarding a cool weapon!) Little help? For the next couple of days, we’re out of luck.

From Software has temporarily disabled the game’s online functionality, so you’ll have to play either offline, or not at all. “We are currently conducting emergency maintenance on the game servers,” reads a notice. “The maintenance should be complete within a few days. We will update you again once the maintenance ends.”

It’s believed this is the result of an exploit enabling players to access The Old Hunters without paying for the content, as reported by Kotaku. Hopefully the fix won’t take longer than expected.

Notice of Server Maintenance [PlayStation]

*Everyone says to use the Shaman Bone Blade on the first shark man to make it fight the second, but I beat them another way. A cheesier way. I attacked the first, then climbed up the well and ran back to the shortcut, took the elevator down, and stood on the ledge near the frenzy-inducing Winter Lanterns (the eye monsters). Depending on your weapon, it should be fairly easy to stay up there and safely defeat the sharks, though you will still have to dodge their massive, wall-clipping attacks.