Bloodstained hits Wii U stretch goal, Vita stretch goal revealed


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Though the Kickstarter page for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night still lists the current total at under $3 million, a recent backer update revealed that adding in non-Kickstarter PayPal funding brings it up to that mark. So what does that mean in the big picture? The “Igavania” will be ported to Wii U. I know some of you out there were holding out on backing since the project was not originally planned for Nintendo’s console.

The Wii U port will be handled by Armature, a studio made up of former Retro Studios employees. The planned features sound pretty great: off-screen play, drawing on the map on the GamePad, in-game Mii support, and more. This version is also planned to get a physical release at the $60 tier or above, but any new or existing backers at the $28 tier or above can opt for the Wii U version once the campaign closes.

The next two stretch goals are asynchronous multiplayer at $3.25 million and a PlayStation Vita version at $3.5 million. The top of the goal after that is just peeking up, and it looks like a musical eighth note to me. Fully orchestral soundtrack, perhaps? Actually, I played with the brightness and contrast and now I’m not so sure it looks like an eighth note. Any guesses?

There is still a good amount of time left in the campaign (about two weeks), and these things tend to pick up right at the end. I expect we’ll see that Vita version goal hit before the end of this.