Bloodstained is still alive, developers explain that the lead will have multiple costumes


Still due in 2018

Oh hey Bloodstained, didn’t see you there.

I haven’t thought about it regularly since the team explained that they were “only 20 to 30 percent done” with the game back in May (read: this was Kickstarted in 2015 and was originally slated for March 2017), but the project is still very much around, and the team is eager to share their newest development — cosmetics.

Protagonist Miriam will be able to equip different fashion statements and looks, including new hairstyles, weapons, and a “maid headband.” They also showed off a new animation of a “Giant Rat” enemy.

So yeah, development is slowly coming along…and we might get Bloodstainedsometime in 2018 on PC, PS4, Vita, Switch, and Xbox One.