Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is also coming to Switch



For months now we’ve been wondering what is to become of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Nighton Nintendo platforms. With nearly every other developer canceling their work on Wii U in favor of the Switch, most people just assumed that Bloodstainedwould meet the same fate. But as of this week, we now have at least one piece of the puzzle.

According to a Nintendo of Europe advert, Bloodstainedis now slated for the Switch. I mean they have plenty of time to fine-tune it with a 2018 release date, and the Switch is apparently much easier to develop for than past Nintendo systems, so it makes sense. But there’s still a chance that the Wii U version could get canceled — hell, there’s a chance Nintendo will shut down all of the Wii U’s online capabilitiesbefore the end of the year with how much they’ve been disavowing the system.

So stay tuned for a possible “Kickstarter backer platform swap” poll or announcement on the fate of the Wii U edition.

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