Bloodstained will take the good Shovel Knight content delivery route, not the bad Mighty No. 9 one


Great news

It’s been roughly a year sinceBloodstained: Ritual of the Night was Kickstarted, and you know what? Development seems to be going rather smoothly.

So smoothly in fact, that the team has decided toensure that the game isn’t delayed hand over fist due to extra content, and will instead be presented with its core package when it’s completed — with free promised updates to come later. This is the exact same style as Yacht Club Games in regards to Shovel Knight (which has created a lot of good will for them), and the polar opposite of Mighty No. 9, where delays were blamed on extra content no one needed on day one for an old school Mega Manhomage, like “online play.”

Whether you prefer a game to launch complete or not isn’t so much the issue, it’s about setting and managing expectations as a small team without the resources of a huge studio like, say, Capcom or Konami. Inafune and his team allowed Mighty No. 9to get so out of handthat theyweren’t able to control all of the bad PR they got (heck, they even created some bad publicity themselves).

With IGA and company reasonably creating the core project they want to make and then adding the frills later, I don’t see a horrid situation arising where they have to delay the game so many times that their fans lose faith. I’m officially less worried about Bloodstained, though I worry about all Kickstarters to an extent.

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