Bluepoint teases 'a big one' for PlayStation 5 following Shadow of the Colossus


What remake would you most like to see?

Sony confirmed a few more PlayStation 5 details today, including a holiday 2020 release window, haptic feedback for controllers in place of the previous rumble technology, and “adaptive” triggers. Nothing too out of the ordinary or unexpected, really. But tucked inside the initial Wired article concerning those and other tidbits, there was also talk of the next project from Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus. I’ve been dying to know what those folks are up to for a while now.

In short, they are “working on a big one right now” for PlayStation 5.

Bluepoint president Marco Thrush pretty much left it at that, only adding that he’ll “let you figure out the rest.” This is the part where we all go wild with speculation and try to figure out what property would 1) make us happy, 2) make Bluepoint and Sony happy, and 3) qualify as “a big one.”

We can potentially get a feel for what Bluepoint is going for with its PS5 game based on some of the studio’s current job listings. Here are a few responsibilities plucked from various disciplines:

  • “Create animations with a good sense of feeling, weight and motion with our players and creatures.”
  • “Generate realistic facial and lip sync animations for in-game motions and real-time cinematic scenes.”
  • “Create high-quality next generation effects models inspired by lower-resolution geometry.”
  • “Maintain original game VFX functionality while creating stunning visuals.”

The more I hear people hope for a Demon’s Souls remaster or remake, the more I fear we’re getting ourselves worked up for nothing, but that’s definitely at the top of my wish list. It’s not even close.

The game deserves to be played and re-played. It’s too good to live out its entire existence on a single console, and there’s enough room for quality-of-life touch-ups to justify a modern take on it.

We need it! Unless the title is something bolder than Demon’s Souls, in which case, we need that.

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