Booby dungeon crawler series that was rejected by Sony is finally coming west next month


For PS4 and Switch

[Update: This original story, written in unfortunate haste, misidentified Omega Labyrinth Lifeas a port of Omega Labyrinth Z. This is incorrect. Life is asequel to Zand I apologize for my error on this.]

Omega Labyrinthhas been one of the more contentious video games series in recent history. Its unapologeticallylewd nature saw the second game in the franchise, Omega Labyrinth Z, banned in Australia and Germany as original publisher PQube worked towards a western release before abandoning the project whenSony outright rejected it. Developer Matrix later announced a Switch sequel and seeing as Nintendo is more welcoming of adult-oriented games in this bizarro world we now live in, that seemed to be the entry most likely to leave Japan.

However, it looks like new publisher D3Publisher found a way to satisfy Sony as it announced today it is bringing both versions of the game west as Labyrinth Lifefor the PlayStation 4 and Omega Labyrinth Lifefor the Nintendo Switch.

According to D3, both versions of the game will feature similar characters, skills, items, monsters, plot, dungeons, and difficulty, with the biggest difference being how each game displays its lewd content. D3 sent us a link to the games’ Japanese website that explains the difference between the two titles. However, because the information is displayed as an image, my Chrome translator won’t translate the text, and if the publisher of the game is too lazy to just give us this information in English, then so am I.

Omega Labyrinth Lifeand Labyrinth Lifelaunch in the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store respectively on August 1.