Borderlands 3 introduces us to veteran trouble-shooter Zane Flynt


Man in the Mirror

Gearbox has released a new character trailer giving us a look at Zane Flynt, one of a batch of wild personalities that make up the cast of shooter sequel Borderlands 3, as well as yer boy CJ’s pick for best wastelander.

Zane is a veteran problem-solver/problem-causer, with a legacy of experience built upon his time working for various shady espionage agencies, which have taken him into a thousand and one sticky situations. With death-defying danger having been a staple of his entire life, Zane takes a devil-may-care attitude toward the battle, where dodging bullets, fists, and explosions has just become a way of life for the Irish nihilist.

In battle, Zane balances offensive and defensive capabilities to turn the fight in his favour. Zane can deploy a one-way portable barrier for him and his allies to fire through, as well as sending out a digital clone of himself, which can distract enemies and be switched out with the real Zane at any time. Finally, Zane’s SNTNL drone can be dispatched to lay down rapid machine gun fire, concentrating on specific foes or spraying at whim.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.