Borderlands 3 will support pre-loading on the Epic Games Store after all


The situation resolved itself in the nick of time

The Epic Games Store has pre-loading for select games. That’s good! But the first real big exclusive following that announcement (Borderlands 3) wasn’t going to make the cut for the service. That’s bad! Now, out of the blue, right before the launch next week, it’s actually going to work out. That’s good: I think!

Epic’s Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to explain that yes, Gearbox actually pulled it off (“congrats to the Gearbox team for an extraordinary development push to enable this”), and you can pre-load the game for 48 hours before launch. Consoles were already confirmed, now PC (read: the Epic Games Store for six months) is on that list.

Borderlands 3 will officially arrive on September 13, but Gearbox has provided a global launch explainer for the exact times. Hopefully more games can make the cut for Epic pre-loading, because having a basic featured tied to a case-by-case basis is ridiculous.

Tim Sweeney [Twitter]