Branching dialogue won't alter Uncharted 4's ending


‘We’re not making Mass Effect’

Naughty Dog’s trying something new withUnchartedfor its fourth major installment in that it’s making use of branching dialogue. It’s granting players with a certain degree of autonomy, a feature that’s often associated with role-playing games. Don’t expect this new freedom to have much impact on the story arc, though.

In an interview with Eurogamer, creative director Neil Druckmann says that stressed that Uncharted 4has a “very specific story,” one that can’t be altered through various dialogue options. “We’re not making Mass Effect,” Druckmann said. “It has a very specific ending that’s very definitive to the franchise.”

This all sounds right in line with the long-maintained assertion that this game is being used to permanently write Nathan Drake out of the series. Death is presumed by many, but not a given. Whatever his fate, know that nothing you do can change it.

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