Brave the new frontier and its dangers in Focus' upcoming adventure GreedFall


Oh, also, there’s a gross disease kicking around

Focus Home Interactive continue on their noble quest to bring interesting mid-tier titles to the masses, releasing a new trailer (alongside a release date) for GreedFall, an upcoming action-RPG from French developer Spiders.

Set in an alternate 17th century, the player will step into the boots of a colonial explorer, who travels to the uncharted isle of Teer Fradee in a quest to discover a cure for a deadly illness that is threatening to wipe out humanity (Focus Home are real big on their disease-based narratives it appears). Upon arriving at Teer Fradee, the explorers will become entwined in a war between the natives of the island and a party of invaders, while also unearthing ancient secrets and encountering mysterious spirits, determined to ward off trespassers. That includes you, bucko.

En route to a remedy, players will encounter a variety of other characters, friendly and otherwise, and may have to form fragile alliances in order to further the cause and find success. Will you help the invaders brute force their way into this new civilisation, or will you stand alongside the natives, in hopes of earning their trust and guidance? Focus has stated that conversational choices and your approach to GreedFall’s missions will shape your party’s reputation, the island’s future, and civilisation itself.

GreedFall launches September 10 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.