Brawlout is coming to Switch, adding the Hyper Light Drifter protagonist


But will it fill the Super Smash void?

Brawlout, the Super Smash Bros. inspired fighting game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch and adding the hero of Hyper Light Drifter to its roster.

You’ll be able to uppercut and drop kick your opponents on the go in late 2017, and it might be just what the Switch needs since it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a proper Super Smash Bros. anytime soon.

Brawlout was first announced back at EVO 2016 and is currently availablein Early Access on Steam. A Switch port and the additionof some indie darlings like Hyper Light Drifter might be enough to rally the Smash community around this.

There are two more unannounced characters so I’ll just wait in the corner hoping for Shovel Knight.

Brawlout coming to Switch- Hyper Light Drifter joins the roster [Go Nintendo]