Brett chose to save Space Hitler


Podtoid 364

Brett had the choice to save Space Hitler or to liberate sci-fi Auschwitz. He went with the former. In his defense, he only had a few seconds to make the decision, so you can understand why it might have been tough.

That’s one of the topics that came up regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda in this episode of Podtoid. We also talked a bit about how effing greatThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the new mode inRocket Leagueare.

Otherwise, it was the usual romp through topics ranging from corn dogs to scorpions, with a ton of listener questions, SATPOTPAQ, and a Zelda-themed Hot Dish. I told you it’d be back soon! I’m not a bad liar person like that Brett guy, who is a proponent of galactic genocide.

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