Bugsnax is coming to Steam sometime next year


Steamed Bugsnax are on the menu

The cheery, creepy monster-catching adventure Bugsnax is adding another storefront. Developer Young Horses announced today that Bugsnax will be coming to Steam sometime next year.

No date’s been set yet, but you can already venture over to the Bugsnax Steam page and wishlist it. As for what else might be in store for Bugsnax, well, it seems like there could be some news before the year’s out.

“We’re buzzing with excitement to serve up Bugsnax to a new audience on Steam,” said Young Horses creative director and writer Kevin Zuhn in a statement. “We’ll have some meaty news and a few juicy surprises to get people talkin’ bout Bugsnax again later this year.”

Stay tuned, I suppose? Bugsnax had a definite ending, but one that absolutely leaves some room for more stories to be told in the future. And there’s a whole wide world full of cuisine and delicacies to turn into creepy-crawly monsters.

Bugsnax launched last year for the PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC via Epic, and it was also on PlayStation Plus. It was honestly a pretty wild time, mixing wildlife analysis and capture with a surreal, yet heartwarming story about the titular Bugsnax. Or rather, food-like monsters that turn you into what you eat.

If you’ve been holding off for Bugsnax to hit a different storefront for your PC playtime, you’ll have a shot at catching some ‘snax of your own next year when Bugsnax hits Steam. Maybe by 2022, the extremely catchy Bugsnax theme song will finally stop getting stuck in my head anytime I think of the word Bugsnax. (Note: It probably won’t. It’s Bugsnax!)