Bullet Age developers' pitch for a WWE beat 'em up looks sublime


CM Punk and Cena take on adorable Brock Lesnar

Not unlike that Black Steampunk Sherlock Holmes mock-up from a while back, the proposition of super deformedWWE beat ’em up is getting quite a bit of traction on Twitter at the moment. Sadly, the game isn’t currently in production, though it looks like it was at least partially playable at some point.

Half Bot, the creators of the pitch, want to make it clear that you should not “hate on” the WWE for turning the game down, and that the former World Wrestling Federation actually “loved the idea“. As many game developers will tell you, it takes more than goodwill and support from I.P. holders to get a game made sometimes.

Given the hugely positive response to the concept, I wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE comes back to the pitch at some point. It looks like Craig from ScrewAttack, publishers of Angry Video Game Nerd Adeventures, is also interested in talking with Half Bot about the game’s future. In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to let the WWE know that you’re interested in seeing this idea come to fruition. Just don’t be rude, jabroni.