Bungie's latest Destiny 2 Exotic 'fix' feels like a half measure


Where are the numbers Bungie?

When a developer typically posts patch notes, especially for an RPG, MMO, or otherwise numbers-heavy game, they provide data.People like to roast Fortnite for its cartoony feel but Epic Games consistently provides detailed patch notes with actual numbers so that their community doesn’t have to math things out on their own.

Destiny 2developer Bungie is notoriously bad at this; it’s a strategy that has previously mislead the communityand although their community team has been saying that they “hear” the calls to add data they’ve made no efforts to fix it for years on end.

The company is trying to turn a new leaf with the recent Forsaken expansion, but it’s back to basics yet again. Eight weeks have passed and one of the first big patches (2.0.5) has dropped with no improvements. Among other tweaks, the main enchilada is addressing exotic (the rarest coolest guns/armor) duplicate weighting, a problem that users have been dealing with as they, in some cases, go over 100 hours without even earningone exotic — only to go on to pick up an old Year One drop that they already own.

Bungie is attempting to combat this insanity with a “lower chance of receiving Exotics [players] already own,” without providing any numbers as to what the actual drop rate is. It’s very reminiscent of when they provided an exotic-increasing power-up (The Three of Coins) in the past and just asked us to trust them that it worked (as you may have guessed, there was a huge ruckus at various points in time about how they didn’t work).

In spite of all of the gameplay changes to Forsakenand the stellar art direction, Bungie is failing in the same sectors they’ve failed at for the past four years. I’m starting to think that they revel in misdirection or obscurity, and the sentiments of the leadership at the company have solidified that hunch.

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