Burnout spiritual successor Dangerous Driving speeds to an April release



With the release of Danger Zone in 2017, Three Fields Entertainment started work on recreating the Burnout series. While going under a different title, this was a game created by the original minds behind the crazy arcade racer with all of the crashes and crunches fans had come to expect. While I wasn’t so hot on Danger Zone 2, that mostly came down to a lack of polish that the first game nailed so well.

A preview for Three Field’s next title, Dangerous Driving, was unlockable at the end of Danger Zone 2. Instead of focusing on the crash aspect of Burnout, Driving was set to resurrect the racing part of the equation. Announced alongside the sequel, the title was originally set to launch at the end of 2018. For one reason or another, it was delayed and Three Fields hadn’t spoken about it.

Today, the studio is happy to announce that not only is Dangerous Driving not dead, but it is set for an April 9 release. Coming to PC (via the Epic Games store), PS4 and Xbox One, players can expect to partake of classic events such as “Road Rage,” “Eliminator” and even “Pursuit” mode. Online multiplayer for up to eighter racers will also be available, letting you spark rivalries all over again. That sounds like the Burnout I remember.

You’ll be able to buy Dangerous Driving digitally for $29.99 on April 9. A physical version for consoles will retail for $39.99 with Danger Zone 2 as a bonus.