Bus Simulator 18 has a multiplayer mode that sounds rad



I can’t say that I’ve been eyeing Bus Simulator 18 all this time. I’m not really a fan of all these random “simulator” titles that exist, but they can provide a bit of fun to a very specific niche. The latest addition to the upcoming bus focused entry, though, actually has me weirdly excited. Bus Simulator 18 will feature a multiplayer option and all I can think of is two coach buses careening down the highway towards each other.

The mode is actually a cooperative campaign feature for up to four players, but why would you waste the opportunity to race buses down the highway? If you’ve always wanted to operate your own bus company, Bus Simulator 18 has got you covered. You’ll be able to set your own routes, take over routes for your friends and even have your friends drive you to your next destination. There is even an on-foot option to explore the numerous cities the game will take place in.

The trailer for this feature is about as bizarre as my imagination of multiplayer bus battles. I love that the controllers aren’t even turned on and everyone is steering like motion makes a difference. Ah, what fun.

Bus Simulator 18 will be launching for PC on June 13. You can grab it for $34.99/€29.99/£26.99.