Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 rocking the afterlife with Operation Apocalypse Z


That’s ‘Apocalypse’, nothing to do with World Wars

The zombies of Call of Duty’s popular side-mode… er… “zombies”, look set to bust out all over Black Ops 4, as a new event will see the living dead invade multiple modes in Treyarch’s military shooter.

Operation Apocalypse Z, which comes to PS4 today, brings new content to all modes, along with a drop of new weapons and items, all tinged with the murky atmosphere of life beyond death. Multiplayer mode sees the return of The Reaper, a terrifying heavy-weapons battle bot from Black Ops III, ready to cut down opposition with The Scythe (which in reality is just a gigantic heavy machine gun.)

Battle Royale mode Blackout will see a spooky fog fall upon the map, while the creepy Alcatraz locale gets a new night-time variant. If that wasn’t enough, a new mode, Alcatraz Portals Horde is good to go today. In the coming weeks, a further mode, Pandemic, and three new characters will be added, including the iconic Machete star Danny Trejo.

As for Zombies itself, well obviously that’s getting the lion’s share of the new content. This includes a new experience Alpha Omega and a slew of new elixirs, including some familiar favourites from Black Ops III. The coming weeks will add a mammoth new gauntlet as well as new beasties all waiting to get their noggins popped.

Alongside all of the above, Black Ops 4 will see some grisly character skins and weapons added to the black market. This includes the amusing “Backhander”, which is essentially a disembodied zombie arm to slap your foes upside the head with. Japes. For full details on all of the Operation Apocalypse Z content, visit the official Black Ops 4 blog right here. The new content will head to PC and Xbox One soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.