Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare mixes on-rails with open dog fights


Space is the place

Since that bad-Bowie-cover, incredibly disliked Call of Duty: Infinite Wario (not a typo, eat me), one of the bigger questions was, hey, that spaceship fighting what’s in space and all that, is that typical Call of Duty pacing mix up, on-rails business, or is that, you know, some real space dog fighting shit.

Turns out there will be both.

“You’ll engage in different kinds of air combat throughout the campaign,” design director Jacob Minkoff told Forbes. “There are open dogfighting arenas with full freedom of flight in all directions, where you will take part in battles against both capital ships and enemy fighters, as well as exciting on-rails attack runs.”

Minkoff also mentioned that the futuristic fighter jet, the Jackal, can be used to go to “optional missions,” which sure feels like a deviation from the series’ roller-coaster pacing. And there’s regular combat, too. Black Ops III‘s movement system was cited by an official account as something Infinity Ward is building off of.

“As a SCAR, a spec-ops soldier trained to fight in space, you have the use of a grapple and RCS thrusters on your suit,” Minkoff said. “These allow you to quickly cross open spaces and get cover. Once you find a good vantage point, you have mag-boots that allow you to lock onto surfaces no matter which way they are oriented.”

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