Call of Duty: WWII's St. Patrick's Day event contains an actual leprechaun hunt


Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Call of Duty: WWII’s new event is now live. Operation: Shamrock and Awe began yesterday, runs until April, and features a host of oddly juxtaposed Irish iconography, including rainbows and an actual leprechaun. This is not an early April Fool’s gag.

The DLC includes new green-coloured weaponry and uniforms for use in multiplayer mode as well as various leafed-clover motifs to decorate your clothing, guns and base of operations. There are also themed charms and ammo types, as well as the inclusion of two new guns, the MG-38 and the MG-81.

Not mentioned in the trailer below is an actual leprechaun, who can be found randomly dashing through maps in the game’s multiplayer mode. Taking out the creature rewards the player with scorestreaks.

Also live for Season Pass holders, is new map Shipment 1944, which will be made available to all other players on March 16. A selection of new weapon skins, charms, uniforms and emotes have also been added to the WWII shooter.

Operation Shamrock and Awe is live in Call of Duty WWII now. The event ends April 3.