Can this Australian man find every amiibo in one day?


And he didn’t even try that hard

Even though amiibo are becoming less and less rare in the United States, you still can’t expect to walk into a store and find most of them on store shelves. That’s not the case in Australia. The Land Down Underis somewhat of an amiibo oasis.

It might take a little bit of searching, but it’s not entirely uncommon to come across a Little Mac or Villager just chillin’ at some retailer. It led one man to see if he could find all 57 released amiibo in the course of 24 hours without resorting to online purchasing.

What follows might infuriate frustrated collectors based elsewhere in the world. While he ended up short, it was only by five. And, the five he couldn’t get were mostly extremely common elsewhere (save for Golden Mario). The most impressive part may be that he did all of that by only going to a couple shopping centers. It certainly wasn’t the epic shopping adventure you’d expect, and it definitely didn’t take months and months of obsessive page refreshing.

Everything seems simpler in Australia, except for the part where everything tries to kill you.