Can't wait for Black Friday? Xbox One gets free games & bonuses (updated)


Most bundles qualifying

Update 11/8: We’ve updated the post to include freshly arrived Xbox One deals from Best Buy, Newegg et al. Currently the best bet is Microsoft’s build your own Xbox One bundle deal, where you get AC Unity for free plus two free games of your choice.

Remember the news earlier this week that Xbox One bundles are throwing in a free game? Or GameStop is offering credit with trade-ins for Xbox One? These are all part of a larger promotion from Microsoft and the offer has now arrived at Microsoft Store with an extra twist. You now get three free gamesif you buy select Xbox One bundles from the official store.

List below is now updated with latest deals from all retailers. Best Buy’s deal ends on November 7th. Newegg’s deal has an unknown expiration. Microsoft Store’s deal just started up again on Sunday.

Top Xbox One Pre-Black Friday Deals

Customized Xbox One Consoles

All deals above are at Best Buy, includes free game of choice and $50 Best Buy gift card.

Regular Xbox One Bundles

All deals above are at Best Buy, includes free game of choice and $50 Best Buy gift card.

Wait for Black Friday or…?

Will these Xbox One deals get any better from Microsoft Store during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Believe it or not, we think so — though stocks will probably be “limited.” A likely offer will be a $50 gift card with purchase plus all the bonuses above, OR a small price discount by $10-$30 along with the gift card. As mentioned though what we usually see is that the popular/best offer will usually sell out within the hour (or 10 minutes really) — while the remaining bundles last for 2-3 hours.

Tune in 2-3 weeks from now to see what deals Microsoft Store will be offering on D-Day.

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