Capcom Arcade Stadium is getting paid 'invincibility' DLC


I wouldn’t buy that for a dollar

Yesterday, we reported that radical retro compilation Capcom Arcade Stadium was making the leap from Nintendo Switch to PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Since then, the publisher has made several addendums to the announcement, including the reveal of some pretty tacky paid DLC.

A new mode is coming to the day-glo release which will allow players to become invincible in all Capcom Arcade Stadium titles, waltzing through battle or stepping into the ring without fear of damage or death. The “Invincibility” DLC pack will, however, cost players a single dollar, making the whole affair so much more egregious and penny-pinching.

Capcom Arcade Stadium already features both save states and a Rewind function. Asking for an extra dollar to become fully indestructible just seems miserly to me. Capcom has released a trailer brazenly showing off both the invincibility DLC and a paid pack of “Display Frames” — themed wallpapers to paste behind your 4:3 ratio. This form of decoration is regularly featured in many retro compilations (including Capcom’s own) free of charge.

A single buck… And from a company that heralded record revenue in recent years. Lordy be.