Capcom celebrates Mega Man's anniversary with, what else, merchandise


At least the Legacy Collection exists

“Area man complains about recent lack of Mega Mangames.”

You’ve seen the headline before a million times right? Well, prepare yourselves, because you’re going to get some more passive aggressive complaining.

It’s Mega Man‘s 28th birthday this year, so instead of celebrating with a new game announcement, or anything interesting, a ton of new merchandise is coming to Japan. This includes both food and merch like pillows and the like. In the near future, all we really have to look forward to is the upcoming physical release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, including the 3DS Gold amiibo bundle.

The reception to Digital Eclipse’s Collectionhas been overwhelmingly positive so far, and it seems like Capcom is happy with sales, so hopefully this leads to a real revival at some point. Heck, we say that every year, so who knows. Enjoy your stuff!

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