Capcom expands upon Devil May Cry 5's setting and platforms, will sport three playable characters


PC, PS4, Xbox One in spring 2019

Following Microsoft’s big reveal of Devil May Cry 5, Capcom has shed some light on what to expect from the fresh new entry that ignores the events of DmC, and shocker — it’s not an Xbox exclusive!

Yes, the spring 2019-bound action romp is due for a PC, PS4, and Xbox One release, and will once again focus on the dynamic duo of Nero and Dante from Devil May Cry 4. It’s a direct continuation of the story in fact, after “years have passed” following the events of 4. As you might have gleaned from the trailer one of Nero’s arms has been cut off and replaced with a robotic version, and he’s taking up Dante’s line of work with his own demon hunting business.

Nico, a “brand new character” will help him craft new arms and unlock additional powers, some of which you can see in the screens below. The backdrop is a demonic invasion in Red Grave City, and Nero will again sport the Red Queen sword and Blue Rose revolver on top of his metal arm, and Capcom is calling it an extension of the Sons of Sparda saga.

Oh and the best news? Devil May Cry 5will have three playable characters — Nero, most likelyDante (just like 4), and one other cast member (Vergil?). “More details are coming” at Gamescom, but for now we have confirmation that the game will be 60FPS with the RE Engine.

I’m not loving Nero’s redesign, but the rest sounds great.

Announcing Devil May Cry 5, coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Spring 2019 [Capcom Unity]