Capcom is working on something big, also expects to sell two million more Resident Evil 7 units


Also two million Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite copies

It’s a bit vague, but Capcom claims that a “major title” will be out before March 31, 2018 — a title that they haven’t unveiled yet. Okay so it’s very vague, but at least we know that Capcom isn’t just relying on remakes and remasters.

Speaking of things that aren’t re-done, Resident Evil 7is still selling like hot-cakes, and Capcom wants to sell even more. Based on their projections they want to push two million moreunits going forward through that same date. I wonder if the delayed DLC will be out by then?

Finally, the other big tidbit — Capcom alsowants to push two million copies of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infiniteon that same date. What’s the significance? It’s the end of their fiscal year of course!

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