Capcom just put out samples for new and old Mega Man X music


For the Legacy Collections

The Mega Man Xseries, even the later ones, have some of my favorite platforming music of all time. Whether it’s a boss or a level theme it’s typically more intense than your typical gaming tune, and I can’t wait to relive them all over again in the Mega Man X Legacy Collectionduo.

Capcom knows they created a ton of hits, and just put out a rotating sample YouTube video (you know, like the infomercials that cycle through different tracks) that you can check out below. The cool thing about the Legacy Collections is that they’ll feature some new music for the series — at least one track of which is in the aforementioned clip.

I also snuck a bonus clip in below of my favorite Mega Man Xseries song! Say what you will about X5, but it has some amazing music.