Capcom streamed a bit of Resident Evil 3


The developers don’t want us to overlook the posters

If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched enough footage of Resident Evil 3 and you’ll politely refuse to see any more. You’re good. But even still, you may want to catch this clip from a Capcom live-stream.

The video should automatically start at the right timestamp, but if not, jump to 42:13.

This developer footage is more of the same city scenes from the recent media blast, but it’s a little calmer, with more emphasis placed on details you might’ve missed in other videos – like all of the cool posters and artwork you can’t take the time to appreciate when it’s your save file on the line.

The Resident Evil 3 clip doesn’t focus on Nemesis, so if you’re hoping to keep his new tactics as much of a surprise as possible, you’re fine. I’ve seen enough of him that I’m anxious – in a good way!