Capcom will reveal the next Resident Evil game right before TGS


‘Project Resistance’ = current generation Resident Evil Outbreak?

The curtain is ready to rise on the next Resident Evil entry, and we literally have an exact time frame for it: September 9 at 11AM ET. This announcement comes right before TGS and on the heels of a recent call to arms for “RE Ambassadors” to try out a new mystery game. After we get that reveal, it’ll also be playable at TGS starting September 12.

This is just a hunch, but as someone who’s played a lot of Resident Evil, I’d put my money on an Outbreak (from 2003) remake. In a nutshell, Outbreak was a multiplayer-centric game that gave us new storylines with the same basic Resident Evil gameplay. And if not a remake, then a new Outbreak game, or a compilation of Outbreak 1 + 2 (the latter of which was titled “File #2). Of course, it could be something completely new.

Either way, Capcom should tread lightly. They have a ton of goodwill with this franchise now, and they absolutely do not need to spoil it with a repeat of an ill-fated spinoff like Operation Raccoon City orUmbrella Corps.

Project Resistance [Capcom]