'Cardboard' Nintendo Switches to be won in Labo creativity contest


Watch out for rainy days

Next month, Nintendo will hold the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest. Some neat prizes are to be won by those who can come up with the most interesting and ingenious uses of the creative gaming utility.

There will be several categories in the contest, with participants able to enter each category multiple times provided each entry is a unique submission. From July 19, Nintendo will be looking at the Best Musical Instrument and Best Gaming Experience using Toy-Con Garage. Various factors will be judged including ingenuity, originality, sound and other such elements.

The Grand Prize winner in each category will bag themselves an exclusive cardboard Switch, don’t sweat it, it’s not actually cardboard, but that is a very fun design. They will also receive a signed certificate and Nintendo Labo jacket. Four runners-up will receive the jacket and a pair of cardboard-stylised Joy-Con.

Although entry to the above contest is for North American and Canadian citizens only, Nintendo are holding a European equivalent, which will offer similar prizes in three specific categories: The creation of a Labo invention itself, the customisation/deoration of of said invention, and finally a special 12-and-under category for da kidz.

If you’d like more info on the contest, along with rules and submission applications, then you can check out the official Nintendo Labo Creator’s Contest page right here.