Castle Vidcons comes out of semi-retirement with a haunting vision


A specter looming over us

It takes a great disturbance to stir Castle Vidcons out of its torpor these days, but the high price point of the Oculus Rift seemed to strike a nerve with creator Tyler Rhodes. I suppose a $599 price tag is enough to give anyone nightmares, even Lord PC.

I don’t read many webcomics these days, but I adoreCastle Vidcons. Its re-imagining of the ongoing console wars as a War of the Roses historical melodrama is, to me at least, one of the smartest and most hilarious satires of the industry around. The comic may not update very frequently anymore, but every few months I still find myself drifting through the archives to chuckle at the antics of the Mad King Wii, the long suffering Lord PlayStation, and the ever obnoxious Original Xbox peasant.

If you’ve never read it, give it a try. Hopefully this rousing will lead to more entries in the series in the near future.