Catherine: Full Body gameplay sees Persona 5's Joker in action


Bitten off more than you can chew this time, pal

Earlier in the year, we learned of a surprising piece of crossover DLC that would see Persona 5 protagonist Joker/Ren/Akira/Whatever joining in the sexy puzzle fun of upcoming remaster Catherine: Full Body.

Courtesy of a live-stream featuring pro fighting game player Tokido, we now have gameplay footage of the master thief in action. In the new gameplay footage, we see Joker swapping out heart-stealing for block-climbing, while his fellow Phantom Thieves commentate on his actions.

Joker can be used in the Babel and Colosseum modes, but unfortunately will not be making an appearance in Catherine’s twisted story, he’s got enough of his own problems to deal with. Joker will be made available for download on release, or comes included with Full Body’s special edition.

Catherine: Full Body launches in Japan, on PS4 and PS Vita, February 14. A western localization has been confirmed but is yet to be dated.