CD Projekt Red reiterates that all of Witcher 3 will fit on one cart, is also packing goodies


Giving the physical release the Atlus treatment

A few developers go above and beyond when it comes to physical releases, packing in a ton of goodies and extras: Atlus is a champion of this. In this one case of Witcher 3, you can add CD Projekt Red to the list.

As they revealed at E3, The Witcher 3will be squashed onto one 32GB game cart, which includes all 16 micro-DLCs, two expansions, and the full game. But by way of a new tweet we now know that the studio is also giving folks stickers, a map, and a compendium for The Witcheruniverse. They’re also embracing the cute name of “Switcher.”

AlthoughCD Projekt Red doesn’t release games that often, they also tend to follow the “Atlus model” of physical production in certain regions. If you haven’t played this gigantic sprawling RPG yet, please do. It’s a huge step up from Witcher 2and is filled to the brim with interesting sidequests, characters, and environmental nuances. And, as is a rarity for open world RPG DLC, the two expansions are on par with if not better than the base game. Enjoy the journey! It’s a long one.

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