Celebrate Friday the 13th with a new track from the game (exclusive)


And Sack Head Jason

Oh, would you look at the date!

The developers of Friday the 13th: The Game know the score. On this beautiful and not at all cursed Friday, they’ve kindly given us an in-engine look at one of the variant costumes for Jason Voorhees (his attire from Part 2), as well as a new paranoia-inducing track from composer Harry Manfredini.

No, seriously. There’s no one standing behind you. Don’t turn around.

Conceptually, this multiplayer game is something I think a bunch of us have wanted for a long time — one merciless killer slowly but surely hunting down every would-be survivor.

I have fond memories of playing “Michael Myers,” a makeshift, player-organized game type in Call of Duty. That basic but super fun idea can and should work even better here.