Celebrate Overwatch's second anniversary with a Double XP weekend


Earn twice the boxes, double the dupes!

As the celebrations for the second anniversary of the super-successful arena-shooter come to a close, Blizzard have announced that Overwatch will see a rare Double XP event this weekend.

From June 8 until June 11, all XP earned in all modes will be doubled, with only a few omissions (such as the “First Win of the Day” bonus). But XP for wins, kills, medals, backfills and more will all be doubled, and this can be stacked by using bonuses, such as playing in a team with friends or “Randos” as the hip kids say.

This is a great opportunity to grind for loot, and maybe bag some of those skins, emotes dances and more. Fortunately, there isn’t a single other video game based event taking place this very weekend, so you’ll have all time in the world to grind for goodies.

The Overwatch Double XP weekend runs June 8-11, worldwide and on all platforms. Check out this handy map to see when your territory goes live.